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First in the Province! Liaocheng Officially Launched the "City wide Model" of Chest Pain Center


    On the afternoon of October 13, 2019, the “City Model” of Liaocheng Chest Pain Center was officially launched. In the afternoon of October 13, 2019, Liaocheng chest pain center officially launched the "city wide model". Liaocheng Health Committee and China cardiovascular health alliance jointly built the first national chest pain center city wide model in Shandong Province, which is good news for Liaocheng citizens. After the "city wide model" of chest pain center was launched, the "full coverage, full participation and full management" of chest pain treatment was realized in Liaocheng area, the mortality of patients with myocardial infarction was reduced, the effective treatment of chest pain patients was ensured in the first time, and the "seamless connection before, in and after hospital" was realized.

Liaocheng Chest Pain Center Alliance Assisted the Construction of Chest Pain Center
    At the kick-off meeting, Ma Shengjun, Secretary of the Party committee of Liaocheng people's Hospital, said in his speech that under the guidance of the Municipal Health Committee, our hospital, together with the second and third level hospitals and primary medical institutions in the region, jointly established the Liaocheng chest pain center alliance and the City wide model of chest pain center, which marks the further improvement of the collaborative treatment network in the region, and the unified diagnosis and treatment process makes the acute chest Pain patients can get standardized diagnosis and treatment in the shortest time, effectively improve the success rate of acute cardiovascular disease treatment, and provide more convenient and efficient medical and health services for the whole city.
"My heart is beating, my life is alive." Zhao Jinxing, party secretary and director of Liaocheng Health Committee, said at the kick-off meeting that with the launch of the chest pain center and the city's model, more benefits will be brought to Liaocheng people's health. As the first city in Shandong Province to launch the whole city model of chest pain center, it is necessary to take people's health as the center, people's needs as the guide, health system informatization as the support, and strive to build a "three circle integration" of prevention circle, treatment circle and rehabilitation circle; it is necessary to "three circles" to promote the coordination of pre hospital first aid and in hospital first aid, the coordination of relevant departments of the hospital, and the medical treatment of upper and lower levels. Cooperation of institutions: To explore the chest pain diagnosis and treatment mode in line with Liaocheng characteristics, we need to "Three Combinations", the combination of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and basic public health services, the combination of personal contract services, the combination of self-management, and the "three all linkage" mechanism of full process management, full coverage and participation of the whole people.
     Later, Professor Fang Weiyi, Professor Chen Yuguo, director Zhao Jinxing, Secretary Ma Shengjun, director Jin Bai and director Xue yuzeng jointly launched Liaocheng chest pain center alliance. 
    Director Song Ruxiang awarded the license to Liaocheng chest pain center alliance member units (Liaocheng people's Hospital, Liaocheng Second People's Hospital, Liaocheng Third People's Hospital, Dongchangfu District People's Hospital, Liaocheng Central Hospital, Liaocheng veterans' hospital, Liaocheng Guangming Eye Hospital, Dong e County People's Hospital).
    Director Liu Qinghua, awarded the license to Liaocheng chest pain center alliance member units (Linqing people's Hospital, Gaotang People's Hospital, Yanggu People's Hospital, Shen people's Hospital, Shen Second People's Hospital, Guan people's Hospital, Guan Central Hospital, Chiping People's Hospital).
    Professor Fang Weiyi, director Song Ruxiang and director Jin Bai jointly signed the strategic cooperation memorandum of Liaocheng chest pain center. Later, Professor Fang Weiyi, director Li Chunjie, director Zhao Jinxing, director Song Ruxiang, director Jin Bai, Secretary Ma Shengjun and President Wang Dawei jointly launched the large screen of Liaocheng chest pain center.
    After acute myocardial infarction, the treatment time is very valuable. The launch of the first-aid package medicine project changed the traditional "patients wait for medicines" into "medicine wait for patients", so that the patients with confirmed acute myocardial infarction took the drugs at the first time. Then, Professor Fang Weiyi and director Jin Bai jointly donated the first-aid package medicine to Liaocheng chest pain center alliance. At the kick-off meeting, training was conducted on relevant knowledge of the city wide model construction of chest pain center.